Christmas Ornaments

I saw this post a couple years ago called homemade glitter ornaments and always wanted to try it.  They are very simple and easy to make.

Materials Needed:

Christmas ornaments, Mop and Glo Cleaner, Fine Glitter, Cricut, Vinyl


1.  Pop off the top metal hook part.

2.  Pour small amount of Mop and Glo in ornament.  Twirl and move the ornament so entire inside ornament is covered.  Then put ornament above open bottle so extra will go back in the bottle.

3.  Pour about 1 tsp of glitter in the ornament and move around the ornament so the glitter covers the entire inside. Then you can pour out extra glitter.

4.  Then use your Cricut to cut out vinyl and place or the ornament.  I used the cartridge Christmas Cheer.

What I would like to try:

I would like to get the more flat ornaments so on the front I would be able to vinyl a larger image.  With the vinyl and placing it on a ball it does not lay very nice if it is cut out larger than an inch.  I also would get the more clear ornaments mine had a little shine already to them.

This is a very easy and not expensive present to make.  The Mop and Glo and Glitter I bought was about $12.  However, I can not even imagine how many ornaments I will be able to make with those supplies.   The ornaments were about $7 for 12.  The vinyl I had from other project you can buy a 12 inch by 12 inch sheet for about $1.

This idea did come from the blog called Random Creativity on a November 29, 2010 post.


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